Abuela Grillo

Short film
KUSHA Cultural Association
Production BOLIVIANA

Director: Denis Chapon
Screenplay: Denis Chapon, Israel Hernandez
Music: Luzmila Carpio
Country: Bolivia
Duration: 13 min.
Year: 2009
Genre: Animation
Language: without dialogue

Animated short-film produced in The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. By The Animation Workshop, Nicobis, Escorzo, and the Community of Bolivians Animators and is supported by the Danish Government. 


Initially, the Ayoreo's grandmother was a cricket called Direjná. She was the owner of the water and wherever she was, there was the rain. His grandchildren asked him to leave, he did, that's when the hot, dry days began. The Grillo grandmother chose to live in the second heaven and from there she is able to send rain whenever someone tells her story.

Abuela Grillo is the adaptation of a myth Ayoreo (indigenous people of the Chaco Boreal). The animated version of this story becomes a fairy that has as fundamental theme the contemporary world where the struggle of peoples against the business of water is still a right to achieve.