AQUA 2017 / Salina

17 — 20 SETTEMBRE 2017

in partnership with DIDIME ‘90

AQUA 2017 arrives at Salina, continuing the journey that began in Rome on 22 March at the World Water Day. It is an event aimed at those who live in the Aeolian Islands, residents and visitors of all ages, with:

A photographic exhibition of artists and screenings of documentaries and a videoart work. Inauguration 17th September 7pm at the Palazzo Marchetti - Malfa.

Two workshops, Water and Culture and Water and Art, with the use of audiovisual, for students and students of the Comprehensive Institute of Malfa, will be take place at September 18th and 19th in the morning.

During our staying Myrice Tansini will realize two videoportrait to people on the island with a significant water experience.

On September 20th from 10 am - 6.30 pm, in the presence of students, their families and islanders, there will be a concluding event with a screening of video art work on water, video interviews on the island and documentaries at the Congress Center Malfa.