23 march - 12 april 2013
Hilton Hotel / Chongqing



Marking the celebration of the International Year of Water Cooperation and World Water Day, the THROUGH WATERS exhibition opened its doors at Chongqing Hilton Hotel on the 23rd March, with with the collaboration of  UNESCO Beijing, Italian Cultural Institute of Beijing, Galileo Galilei Italian Institute, Science & Technology Association of Chongqing, and Chongqing Youth Environment Exchange Center.

Many people attended the opening, the third most important organized by THROUGH WATERS in China after Beijing and Tianjin.   Local Insitutions representatives as Zhang Shi Qiao, Deputy of Chongqing Investement Promotion Association, Ms Yang Wen, Director of Internation Exchange Service, Mr Zhu Bin Deputy Director of Training Activity of Chong Qing Photographers Association or Ma Ding PIng , Executive Secretary of Chongqing Energy Research Society,  Mr Huang Kun Cai Director of Department of Society Affairs and Academic Activities Chong qing Association for Science and Technology, were present, to admire 23 photos of the 2012 THROUGH WATERS edition and 10 new photos specially sellected for this exhibition. 

Mr Jean-Philippe Jacopin, Director Manager of Hilton Chongqing, Stefania Stafutti, Director of the Italian Cultural Center of Beijng, Mr Zhu Bin, Deputy Director of Science & Technology Association of Chongqing and Through Waters curator Christina Sassayannis, gathered in the ancient Chinese capital with the common goal of respecting the environment through dialogue, through diversity. Unesco Beijing offered further material for the debate with the screening of the video “Water in Cities”.


The opening speeches focused on the need to talk about environment and water through knowledge and to encourage not only the young generation but also the governments worldwide to invest on environmental awareness.

Mr R. Jayakumar, Ph.D., Programme Specialist, representative of UNESCO Office in Beijing said, on the importance of water nowadays: ´The reality we all know very well is that our water resources are limited, and our needs are growing. Water is not an issue among others, is the central subject of international cooperation´.

Director of Beijing Italian Cultural Centre, Stefania Stafutti, talked about the crucial role of water in many literature masterpieces, noting the importance of water in ancient Chinese writers.

THROUGH WATERS exhibition in Chongqing  displayed also the work of MU NAN Primary School students, that contributed with its artistic work to The Drawing Cloud installation, following the example of students from Western Academy of Beijing, or Beijing LFIP.  THROUGH WATERS project always involve children from local schools, to make them think about its culture and the importance of water in their families.

International and local media covered the event, making THROUGH WATERS at Chongqing one of the most sucessefull in China to date.

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