Let  water flow , without water we aren't!

75 % of your donation will sustain our projects to bring clean water worldwide,
awareness of water value through education art and water design projects.
Our goal is to reduce the proportion of 25% of general operating and administration coasts by donations of partners and sponsor.

We help to provide water as most basic resource to those who cannot access safe water, 660million are without safe water, one in three remain without sanitation, 315K children under five, die every year from using non safe water.

We help all children and adults in the world to become aware of how much water a precious good is, to know and to safeguard.

 We build new forms of communications about how much water is important.

Water is origin, water is a fundamental free trade area for culture, life, diversity.

Through Waters, thanks to your contributions, assist with helping provide education, art exhibits and water design projects to help the world conserve, protect and enhance perception of water value for a better world.

Water is origin, water is contact, water to discover and protect our future!




You can sustain THROUGH WATERS and its project 

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