an interactive video installation developed by Paolo Scoppola for Through Waters

A big screen welcomes the audience with background music. As soon as someone approaches, AquaBoll start drawing the outlines of the audience, in a continuous overlapping forms. The colors are taken from seawater and alternating with white lines reminiscent of the surf. It 'a continuous floating in colors and shapes that evoke the natural relationship between man and water. The gestures of the spectators are then accompanied by the sound of the waves, the intensity of which depends upon the movements, giving the illusion that these trails of color are precisely the waves of the sea.

The sound, the colors, its unpredictability, its poetry and its reality to live with and protect, WATER.

Paolo Scoppola creates interactive video installations based on natural interfaces. Born in Rome in 1971, his passion for music and drawing blossomed at school. He discovered his interest in photography later and then for computer science, which he went on to study at university. After graduating, he worked for ten years in the development of virtual reality applications and 3D software, also creating some musical projects for television productions and a series of photographic reportages. After a short period of lecturing at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography (Italian National Film School), he devoted his time to interactive video installations. In 2008 he presented his first work: Reflection, at the Festival of Spoleto. In 2011, he extended his interests to interaction based on brain waves, developing research projects in collaboration with the University of Trieste. He currently works with advertising agencies, research organisations and participates in festivals and cultural events.