On June the 4th Through Waters Art & Water keeping desert aside photo exhibit has been opened at the Art Kino Kriterion in Sarajevo.

The event was in the framework of the "World Environment Day" (WED): three days of activities coordinated by the United Nations Environment Program. 

UNEP chose Through Waters as link project between the general environment protection issue and the specific thematic umbrella "Think, Eat and Share" under which the three days WED activities were reassembled. Water and food production are intimated related. Wasting food means wasting fresh water resource.

Considering this key concept the opening event has been organized in collaboration with a local NGO, Alterural, who provided products coming from Sarajevo surroundings. A "Tasty Water Cocktail" has welcome our guests. They could enjoy fresh fruits and drink rose, blueberry, strawberry or elder flavored water in a joyful atmosphere. 

The Through Waters photos collection, that is nowadays traveling around China's majors towns, has been enrich with some other pictures taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina. BiH is a country extremely rich on water resources, but suffering on insufficient infrastructure system. Reducing water pollution and improve water and waste management are the key environmental priorities to walk up to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the region. The showed benefits and problems resulting from a reasonable or an unsustainable use of the resource have naturally brought Through Water audiences to think about water as local and global issue who need an integrated and cooperative action to be respected and developed in its multiple functions. Some of the pictures showed water not only as vital resource, but also as a playful occasion able to make you enjoy important moments of life. Water touches everybody, water doesn't know what a political, religious or cultural frontier is.

French, Swiss, Italian and Turkish Embassies attended the opening event and Through Waters has received the strong support from the UNEP team coming from Vienna. To stress the importance of our environment protection a group of cycling women arrived at the event just after the WED bike event organized to promote healthy habits.

During all the exhibit time children from BiH and from different countries have had the occasion to play and draw their ideas related to water...pirates boats and colorful fishes and flowers have been hung to the ceiling with blue, green, red and yellow strings adding a nice light on the exhibit "children corner".

Through Waters exhibit is at the Kriterion until June the 13th 2013.