Every year, Through Waters assembles an itinerant photo collection that travels to cities all around the world showing international photographers’ views about water. This exhibit is enriched with a series of local relevant actions, specifically designed concerning each place’s conjuncture and relationship with water, by linking artists and water specialists with the participants.

When TW 2013/14 Edition lands in Cambodia, it becomes ARTWATERENESS, amplifying its scope by reaching, not only cities, but also villages. This project consists on a set of actions which takes artistic stimulus and resources to the rural Cambodia, which represents 80% of the country population, that wouldn’t access this kind of artistic assets otherwise.

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    artwatereness exhibition / Prey Svay village / 11 february 2014


artwatereness exhibition / Prey Svay village / 11 february 2014


Together with UNESCO Cambodia, two local WASH NGOs, RACHA and 1001 TEUK SAAT, and a group of experimental artists, we join culture and science, bringing together knowledge, awareness and art.

Thanks to their expertise, our partners link us with the artists, the villages and the rural schools we develop our actions with, while we open a space in the exhibition for them to promote and showcase their creative and scientific work.


This is a green attempt to democratize Arts based on establishing a dialogue about water with the rural communities in Cambodia.

Through Waters team rides their bicycles to take a movable adaptation of TW Photo Exhibition touring across the communities generating awareness about water. The activity enables cultural exchange: on one hand, we give people the chance to get in touch with new artistic expressions, on the other, we encourage them to reflect about their personal stories about water, generating and sharing their own creations by means of workshops.  This four months cross-cultural adventure is broadcasted in a real time multimedia experience.


We create a group of artists to perform an artistic research experience; each one spends one month living with a rural community which holds a special link to water.

Together with the villagers, they reflect on subjective and common views about how water connects life. This research is expressed in an artistic way by sharing the personal and group inputs during the creative process and by artists’ individual artwork and collective creations with the community.


Through Waters works with two such powerful elements as Arts and Water. Each one itself is essential for life, a human right and an element of global relevance, but it is the synergy of both what brings the added value to this project: water awareness through art, because it empowers action due to several reasons:

The approach to the value of water from the artistic experience (both as spectator and as creator, for communities and for artists) claims to the intellectual part of the individual, as well as it connects oneself with sensations, feelings and emotions, generating a holistic experience.

Learnings when associated to enjoyment, emotion and playfulness have been proven to be more meaningful and enduring memories than those merely academic.

The innovation of the methodology causes a notorious impact in participants, favouring their attention.

Placing one’s creations next to the artists’ works from other countries contributes to be aware of the global dimension of the subject: water is a vital shared resource which affects everyone worldwide.

This project also fulfils the transversal goal of Arts democratization, leaving the constraints of the museum behind and taking it closer to communities that would never access it otherwise.

ARTWATERENESS is a dynamic experience, individually built by the members of the global society, in which every action brings up artworks that feed on each other enriching the original stimulus, the exhibition, in the same way that every drop merges with the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, and flows together with the others in a stream, showing the richness of diversity.

TW international photo collection and the outcomes from all the different actions proposed by ARTWATERENESS merge in our annual catalogue, website and social media channels, and in exhibitions hosted in:

  • UNESCO Showroom – Ban Lung, Ratanakiri
  • CANON Showroom - Phnom Penh
  • RACHA Water station – Banteay Meanchey

Through Waters believes in celebrating water as a precious element to share from love and admiration.