Children are the future of our planet.

Knowledge and sensitivity are the basis of their future and the future of the world.

Through workshops organized during the exhibitions and our interventions in schools, children share the creation with drawing, writing and realization of cartoons.

Drawing Cloud installation

The works of the children will be collected and exhibited as clouds boxes, designed to become spaces where to enter and discover the 'other’ and the reality through a different perception of the space and with different eyes.

Giving a voice to children, students of local and international schools is a key step by which TW Education wants to build a new path of respect for sensitivity, diversity knowledge of different cultures and the environment.

Therefore we involve children in order to catch their ideas, to stimulate curiosity towards different cultures and to promote the attention towards environment and the earth.

This way we contribute to create a different path and a new way of thinking, helping us progressing in different ways in the future with peace.

Drawing Cloud installation  by Paolo Altieri