16 november - 18 december 2012
Art Gallery and Creativity Park XIANGSI / Tianjin

On Friday November 16th, THROUGH WATERS exhibition was opened to the public in Tianjin, at  the Art Gallery and Creativity Park XIANG SI.

Paintings of the artist Cheng Qin were displayed, with the collabotation of MEBO Culture, together with the pictures of international artists involved into the project and the video creation of Alessandro Rolandi.

The Vice Secretary of the Party of  Hebei District, Tianjin Municipality and District Chief Yuan Guangrui, and the Vice District Chief Li Chengyi  were at the opening. Councillor Davide Giglio represented the Embassy of Italy of China. Representatives of the Italian Culture Institute of Beijing, of the Ministry of Education Italy and of the University of Naples L'Orientale with other sponsors travelled to Tianjin from Beijing taked part of the event.

The 57 Secondary School of Tianjin and the French School of Beijing participated with the water-related drawings of the students through the Cloud Drawings installation, created by Italian designer Paolo Altieri.

An activity of Through Waters laboratory for children took place, where the youngest one were invited to express themselves about their perception of water.

The Tianyin String Quartet of Tianjin performed a concert, followed by the screening of the documentary The Well -  water voices from Ethiopia, about the social and cultural meaning of water distribution in a rural area of Ethiopia. 

Many students, artists and regional  media attended the inauguration ceremony.  The exhibition was opened to the public until the 18th December recording a notable success, according to the Xiang Si Gallery representatives.

Supported by CIDIC.