Salina 2017

Videoritratti by Myrice Tansini

in collaboration with Istituto Comprensivo Lipari 1 

schools of Salina Island




It is green and surrounded by water, but there are no springs on the Island. This is the reason why inhabitants collected rainwater and made the most out of it.

Nowadays things have changed. Water is shipped in every week or so and people drink bottled water.

This is the reason why Through Waters is on Salina Island: to narrate the past, the present, and the future of water, meeting the old and the young.


A question by a young woman: “ How did water affect women’s daily life on the island of Salina?” The video records some answers and shows the pictures of Through Waters’ art exhibit at Palazzo Marchetti in Malfa, Salina. World different vision on water.


The experience of water travelling of teenagers and of ninety year old Franchina, people who were born and grew on Eolian Islands.