Warka Water is an alternative water source to rural population that faces challenges in accessing drinkable water. It is first and foremost an architecture project. It is a vertical structure designed to harvest potable water from the atmosphere (it collects rain, harvests fog and dew), the ambition of this project is to provide with an average of 100 L (26.4 gal) of drinking water every day and free up time for women and children to invest in care, education and other socially productive activities.


Warka is to consider a tool in selected areas where conventional pipelines will never reach and where water is not available from wells. These remote communities, often with limited financial means, struggle to find reliable supplies of clean water for the people, the animals and for agriculture.

The project is inspired by nature and lost ancient traditions. Many plants and animals have developed singular ‘skills’ to enable them to collect water from the air and survive in the most hostile environments on Earth. We are identifying specific materials and coatings that can enhance dew condensation, water flow and storage capabilities. The construction techniques are inspired by local vernacular architecture and its use of local and biodegradable materials to design a structure that complements the natural landscape and can be built easily by hand with the collaboration of villager. Furthermore, Warka Water uses very little materials for environmental sustainability.

We sustain WARKA WATER in HAITI to spread know how and develop sustainable water access which improve autonomous action of local population to get potable water.

Our goal is to develop consciousness  and realize Warka Water project in Italy too, there where water is still not an available resource.