power of change through knowledge

"The water covers the 7/10 Earth's surface, this extraordinary substance is transformed into vapor and clouds and then fall as rain. The water cycle is the source of life for humans and other animal and plant species and has a important mean for all cultures.

The human-induced climate change is altering the fundamental system with unprecedented speed.

Despite the gravity of the situation, demonstrated for example rising intensity and frequency of flooding, we have to avoid to turn our back to the problem'. 

Water not only as a resource to be safeguarded and protected, but also topic to rediscover.

Where we live, water and earth are the precious house of all human beings. We have to protect it, to pay attention to it and to enhance quality and sanity of it.

THROUGH WATERS is engaged in raising awareness towards anthropological research  aiming to increase a new way to approach diversity and its human and cultural value.

It is a fact that scarcity and water pollution have changed the lives of many people in the world.

It is also true that humans can reconstruct a philosophy of water that intuitively guides actions when management decisions are applied to the resource.

It doesn’t matter which religion we belong to, if we are nomads or sedentary people, shepherds or urban workers, water remains the element linking people and life.

The interest in water in these terms is a relevant work in progress at this particular time, not only because of climate change and the current erroneous political and economic strategies of most governments - strategies giving their countries a problem to be confronted rather than resolved - but also because of the strong belief that only through real knowledge of how water represents the root of culture, the root of different beliefs, can we sustain the real value of this element in our lives and societies.


Therefore water understood also as a culturally transmitted value holds a key role towards its sustainable management.