Christina starts the first trip on the road focusing her research on water realities and human being that she will meet. The Water trek will start this spring.

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Have a good trip!


11th April 2017

Preparing the motorbike for the start of my trip in Greece represent a step of the begin of consciousness of what this will mean for me.  

Starting to organize the trek and not only!  The first time that I will travel alone, with my motorbike 500 cc, to discover water realities but also my limits, possibilities and capacities to be in touch with myself and my country on the road, Greece.

First step Rome to Bari 15th April 2017.  


Here we go. The weather is good the motorbike is ready and me too. 

The sun will sustain me in this first part of my trip. 

Roma Pescara Bari and then Greece. 


The street through Abruzzo with the sun on me crossing rivers and Fiume Orta in particular with the amazing smell of flowers reaching the soul and the emotional part of me, gives the sense to go forward. The mountains are still covered by snow , the spring with its colors dancing with the wind.

Now in Bari where I met Enzo Tota and his wife. A little time to speak but with intensity and affection. Through his words I find the beautiful mean of what life is... relation with the others through the language of passion of life. He gives me his last book curated with Vito Chio. 

Vinci Verginelli  

´Precipitarono in cielo/montagne di nuvole nere, ombre vestite di gelo/ rotolando caddero a schiere.

L'acqua del Tebro cinerea/ guató brontolando fra i ponti: enorme biscia funerea/notturna sguisciante dai monti. 

Qual le tue rive t'insozza, / qual le tue pietre rinnega, / o sacro Tevere strozza, / o Tevere, Tevere annega. 

inedited poem 1941-1948 of 'Notti di Capri' .


Bari is now behind me and the horizon where the sea touches the sky meets the dark of the night on front of us.



16th April 5.30 am Igoumenitsa.

The light of the night is shining with the moon and stars. The smells of the morning and the temperature is making me touching thoughts of what I forget at home and the cold body is slowly getting colder and colder. The light of the sunrise coming make around us a beautiful panorama of nature with its colors and sound. I stopped to make gymnastic and get some warm effect on me. a guy walking on the opposite of the Egnatia. My arm to say him hallo, his voice to say me hallo.

70 km in the cold and in Ioannina this square on the lake with the sun shining.... fantastic gift of nature! 

The Lake Pamvotis is on the feeds of Mitsekeli Mountain, 470 metres altitude.

The Lake Pamvotis is on the feeds of Mitsekeli Mountain, 470 metres altitude.

From Ioannina the street to Metsovo with water source that  has a holy name as in Greece is tradition. Religion and paganism are strictly connected. 

The sun is giving its warmth and now the eyes start to connect on the environment around the street as a gift. The thinking is going to my children to their reality so different from me but part of me too. Now here in Greece a trip that start to be deeply connected on what vitality wants to mean and where this energies take its direction.

The greek music in all stops in bars and tavernes, witness the standing research of roots or only the beauty to listen this rhythms as part of life and enjoying it. Talking, keep on and build relation is what I see in this street trip. There are difficulties and serious, but with the humanity that's not forgotten, what I feel to be slowly disappearing in my life in the wonderful Rome.


Through the Mountains Chassia passing through camps of flowers, flowering trees and the inevitable goats that crossing the streets!

 Malakasi village is welcome us with its vitality, people on the little traditional streets that we are passing through. Next stop Kalabaka where the Pineios the biggest river in Thessaly flows. with a total length of more than 200 km. It rises in the beautiful Pindos Range, crosses the Plain of Thessaly and the Valley of Tempi. What I see almost is a river that suffers and lacks of water...

Kalabaka and the river Pindos on the Horizon. View from the Byzantine Temple of Meteora.

Kalabaka and the river Pindos on the Horizon. View from the Byzantine Temple of Meteora.

From Kalabaka taking advantage of the sun and the strength to continue the journey, step towards Olympus!

Arrived to Libadi taking the mountains street crossing forest, with the air of the mountain I parked on front a bar asking where to go to sleep. Antoni there I go, the people celebrating the Eaters and me with a big desire to have dinner as I used to have in Greece with my family in Thessaloniki.

I'm starting to feel what really is this trip. Again in Greece to look for it, here I know that I can find what I look for.

17th April

Libadi, it's raining cats and dogs. A friend of mine commented  "Ah, these gods!". 

I will stay another night here. The moto is covered in the garage of Antoni, no better accommodation for both.


Walking up on the mountain the view of water cistern. Libati has water from two sources from the mountain and two artificial cistern.

Walking up on the mountain the view of water cistern. Libati has water from two sources from the mountain and two artificial cistern.

The rain stops and I have a walk in Lebati village. This village was burned twice from the German during the Second War. Anastasi tells how the house of his grandmother was burned within his family.  

Anastasi and Georgios lives in Katerini and came to Libati to have the famous sweet in this raining afternoon. They told about a source in the top of the mountain where they went just before I meet them, where the water gives 'you 5 years more of life'. The source and the water is celebrate traditionally the 15th of August every year. 


A fountain on the way on the mountain of Libati

A fountain on the way on the mountain of Libati

18th April

The rain leaved the space to the sun and at 6 am I wake up. The allarm of my daily life in Rome rings, my body wakes up and after buying a Tyropita and filled the bottle of water the trip toward Thessaloniki starts.

I'm thinking at the dialogue with Katherina and Pericles last night at the Dionisi place on the Platia of Libadi. Pericles is computer programmer and he lost since three years his job. Katernina works in a nursery school as teacher in Katerini. Their decision since little is to stay at Libadi. They work now both at the the family's tavern. 

In this Region the people speaks greek and blaki that has some latin proforà of words and the same meaning, a memory of the Roman Empire. 

The temperature is cold, but the sunshine is giving me energy as the beautiful light on the trees around the street. The Olympus with the snow petting it, follows me without clouds that had hidden yesterday with all its delicate magnificence and legendary history.

The coffe I will drink it at the sea on front of the Thermaikos gulf, this is my wish!

Before some gazoline....

After 63km through a merveillous street I arrived at the paralia of Katerini.

 I seat on a bench on front of the sea. Silence on front of its wonder.

Nearby me people working. Eastern is passed. The daily workdays started again.

A lady seats on front the sea too, with her shopping bag on her feet, closing her eyes the face on the sun.

From Katerini I drive on the road that runs along the sea. At Pydna I stopped on the little fishermans port. They are speaking in arabic and are here.

The smell of the sea is reaching me and I'm happy to be here.


I continue on the Egnatia to reach Thessaloniki. The city where my father and his family lived and leaved. The traffic is welcome us, the motobike and me enter in the city where I lived during the university for 6 months.

The sea on my right and Lefkos Pyrgos on front of me. A little stop in Thessaloniki for lunch. A new building at the port where cinema and restaurants are in function. Thessaloniki film festival is running every year here. How long I don't go the the cinema! 


At the Gonià, in Afroditis Street, Dionisi welcomed with piperiés, patates tiganità and soublakia. His daughter married Fabio from Palermo and now they live in Düsseldorf.

Nearby are Italian working on the underground. They are building in Thessaloniki and they came to eat to his little restaurant on the street, he seems proud to can tell it.

The weather is not giving me confidence to be good tomorrow too. So the road started again after a little walk on the port. 

Next stop Grevenà. The wind is strong, the Egnatia Road is with trucks running. I have to be concentrate, my left arm is paining and its start to rain a little. Tatti/ Tarantina, how I baptize the motorbike because its origin from Taranto, is fantastic, firm and compact. I trust on her!

7 pm Gravená. I will stop here for the night in a simple and old hotel in the entry of the forest.

Hearing what happens and the use of arms and bombs, gives me anger. There is so beauty in humanity if is sane.


Millionis is the name of the hotel. Kostas, the owner, with his family is preparing for next Saturday a wedding here. There are people coming to visit him. 

19th April

I say goodbye to Gravená driving toward Igoumenista.

The choosen street is through the Pindos. The rain, the sun and the waters of the river that goes in the opposite direction of our street are follow for some kilometres.


The weather is really not good. Not only for the rain but the wind is strong and stronger than higher on the mountain  I drive. The loneliness on the road, the doubt to have chosen the right way! But yes! Also if the wind don't gives me confidence that I will make it without difficulties. I love It! I start to thing the power and concentration on the body I manage to don't go out of the street.

I start  to chanting to concentrate my thoughts.


'Capita di morire più volte al giorno./ Si muore anche tutte le notti. / Sparati,investiti, con una botta in testa / di schiena, di gomito o di culo/in silenzio o col frastuono di sirene. / con un pubblico o da soli. / Da cani randagi, da regine scronate. / Di schiaffi si muore, di offese umilianti / di bugie incancrenite, di colpe o di rimorso/ di debiti a venire e crediti a rimandare / di cose mute che sverminano in bocca, / di troppa fatica alle giunture, di scoramento. 

Si muore tante volte e pure di pomeriggio / poi ci si alza e si va, come se niente fosse. / finché non sei morto, ne hai da morire.  

(''La prima verita' Simona Vinci p.229) 


I will do it! Long the road the nature is wonderful, I keep concentrate to don't be rushed against the rock... Taranta is great and goes forward with me. 

Finally arrived to Metsovo! Gazoline for Tatti  and I take a rest at the taverna. 




The clouds cames more and more black.  Two hours stop with a magnific meal and atmosphere in the room with a fire where to dry the jacket and shoes and people coming with family to eat too.

5 pm the way to Igoumenitsa is chosen toward the Egnatia.  I would like to continue the adventure on the lateral street, but better so.



Una goccia da quel blu

dove il mistero del suo colore

affiora le nostre menti...

Le nuvole non avevano pace,

lei segue quella retta che

la fisica impone,

verso la terra che tanto l'attende.

Sfiora quel soffio che non ha nome

e balla felice portata con un dito e

abbracciata svincolandosi

da ogni ragione

fino a lasciarsi lentamente...

Riprende il suo viaggio verso te

Cade la goccia sul mio volto

Porta con sè la vita!

I fiori sbocciano

Gli ulivi si risvegliano

i corpi si muovono delicati

nel bacio

di lei.


On the horizon Bari .... then back to Rome.